Garmin R10 Stand

Is a Garmin R10 Stand Needed For Accurate Readings?

Is a Garmin R10 stand needed for accurate readings? In my opinion, the answer is yes. The Garmin R10 can struggle with accurate readings, and to give you to the best opportunity for accurate numbers you will need a level device, that is properly aligned. A Garmin R10 stand will effectively do both of those things.

Best Garmin R10 Stand

Garmin R10 Stand

Leveling Stand for Garmin R10 -Injection Molding with Nylon

This Garmin R10 Stand comes with a built in level bubble. There is a slot for a Ryobi Laser Cube for accurate alignment. The legs are easily adjustable from .15″ in all the way up 1.38″ to ensure a perfect height on any surface. As a bonus the stand also comes with 3 protective screen protectors.

How To Setup Garmin R10 Stand

To properly set up the Garmin R10 stand, you first need to set up your hitting area. The hitting area needs to be a minimum of 2 feet by 2 feet. It is recommended that the hitting area is big enough that you can stand at the same level as the ball.

Once the hitting area is set the Garmin R10 needs to be placed 8 feet away. Once you have that area identified this is where you will set up the Garmin R10 stand.

The first step is to ensure your Garmin R10 is level on the stand. All good stands will have a level bubble that will allow you to visually see when the R10 is perfectly leveled on the stand. The stands will have adjustable legs that can be lowered or raised individually to obtain a level stand easily.

On the top of your Garmin R10 you will find a red line that is used to align the device with the hitting area. Using this redline is not the most accurate way to align the Garmin R10. This is another area where a Garmin R10 stand will be effective. Most stands will have a slot for a Laser Leveling Cube. Placing the laser cube on the level stand will ensure your Garmin R10 is now perfectly aligned.

The bottom of the stand should be at minimum level with the hitting mat, but for best results have the bottom of the stand about 1.5” above the hitting mat.

Why Garmin R10 Is Not Getting Accurate Readings?

A Garmin R10 stand will help with achieving accurate readings on your Garmin R10, but not having a level, and well-aligned device is not the only thing that could be causing your Garmin R10 to have inaccurate readings. Here are a few other things to check if your readings are still off after using a Garmin R10 stand.

Concrete and Metal: Concrete or metal can be bad for the Garmin R10 because these materials can interfere with the radar-detecting shots, leading to inaccurate distance readings. To improve accuracy, it is recommended to cover concrete surfaces with carpet or cloth when using the Garmin R10 near such surfaces. Additionally, objects like metal can also affect the radar signals, causing incorrect reflections and potentially leading to inaccurate readings. To ensure optimal performance, it is advised to remove objects that could cause radar signal interference.

Electromagnetic Fields (Fan, LED Lights, AC Units, etc…): Some devices can affect the Garmin R10 due to potential interference with its radar functionality. Electrical devices like fans, LED lights, transformers, and even air conditioning units can cause disturbances leading to issues such as the device flashing red or not registering correctly. The interference is likely due to the electromagnetic fields generated by these devices affecting the radar signals emitted by the R10. If you feel this might be an issue for you, I would recommend turning off fans or moving them away from the R10 to try and resolve these interference issues.

Garmin Software: The software included with the Garmin R10 is not considered to be the best software for the device. The first thing I would try is to re-calibrate the app, to see if that helps. If you continue to get inaccurate readings with the Garmin R10, I would recommend trying a different software. GSPro or Awesome Golf are two golf simulator software that has seen the most success while paired with a Garmin R10.

Where To Buy A Garmin R10 Stand?


Amazon also has a few options, if you want something shipped to you fast, with an easy return. The benefit of ordering with Amazon is that if you try out the stand, and it doesn’t work for you or doesn’t improve the readings, then it can easily be returned.

Garmin R10 Stand

Leveling Stand for Garmin R10 -Injection Molding with Nylon

This Garmin R10 Stand comes with a built in level bubble. There is a slot for a Ryobi Laser Cube for accurate alignment. The legs are easily adjustable from .15″ in all the way up 1.38″ to ensure a perfect height on any surface. As a bonus the stand also comes with 3 protective screen protectors.

When looking for a good stand you want something that has a stable base, a level bubble, and one that is easily compatible with a Laser Cube. The above stand checks all 3 of these boxes and comes in at a great price.


Garmin does not have an official Garmin R10 stand for retail sales. As such people have started to design and build their own using 3D print. Many of the best Garmin R10 stands are made by individuals and can be found on Etsy. You can have a quick browse here, to see all the options, but the best-reviewed one is this by golfsimsupplyLLC. It has a perfect rating from multiple reviewers on Etsy.

Garmin R10 Stand 2 1

Garmin R10 Alignment And Leveling Stand – Etsy

Improve the accuracy of your Garmin R10 with this alignment and leveling stand. It provides a perfect fit for the R10 tripod. The unique angled alignment slot allows you to use alignment rods of different diameter or even a golf club, one size fits all. Integrated bubble level allows easily leveling of stand by simply turning the bolts.

The stand features a leveling bubble, a slot for a Laser Cube, and a slot for an alignment stick to help properly align the stand. This stand has an add-on feature of a protective Lexan shield for an extra 10$.


The reality of owning a Garmin R10 is that it is a cheap affordable launch monitor. No matter what you do it won’t stack up to more expensive launch monitors, that is just the nature of the technology. Having a Garmin R10 stand will give you the best opportunity to have accurate readings on your Garmin R10, but achieving the accuracy with the Garmin R10 in comparison to other more expensive launch monitors it is not realistic.

I think the Garmin R10 is a great introduction for golfers to golf simulator technology, and having a Garmin R10 stand will improve the accuracy of your numbers on that device. But, if you are looking for more accurate numbers I would consider upgrading. I think the Flightscope Mevo+ , or the SkyTrak+ are two logical upgrades in the next price tier of launch monitors that will deliver more accurate readings than the Garmin R10. If you want the most realistic accuracy you will have to pay up for the Foresight or Uneekor devices, at a much higher price point.

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