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Best Launch Monitor For a Small Room

What is the best launch monitor for a small room? If you have a small space you will want to use every inch to the fullest. Some popular launch monitors will not work for your small room dimensions, while others might still be viable depending on where you have more space in rooms with unique layouts. 

Let’s look at the best launch monitor for a small room, and choose which will work best for your small space.

Best Launch Monitor For a Small Room: GCQuad


If money is not an issue, and you are just looking for the most accurate launch monitor that works well in a small space then the GCQuad is your best bet.

The GCQuad uses four high-speed cameras that capture 10,000 frames per second to precisely measure the golf ball and club during the swing.

The accuracy of the GCQuad is second to none in the industry. It is a professional-grade launch monitor that many PGA players are using in their indoor golf simulator setup. If it is trusted by the top players in the world, then I think it speaks to the quality of this launch monitor.

What makes the GCQuad the best launch monitor for a small room is that it is set up parallel to your ball. Camera-based launch monitors that are set up parallel to the ball offer the smallest distance between the ball and a launch monitor. That small distance makes it the best launch monitor for small spaces.

Popular radar-based launch monitors like Garmin R10, Rapsodo MLM2PRO, or the Flightscope Mevo+ are all placed behind the ball and must be done so at a distance of at least 8 feet. If you have a small room that might be space you do not have.

Overhead launch monitors which I’ll discuss later are another viable option for small rooms, but if you have low ceilings that overhead launch monitor is at risk of being hit with your swing. So unless you have a full 9 feet of ceiling height that launch monitor also would not work for the small room.

The best launch monitor for a small room is camera-based which can be set up beside your ball position. When it comes to these types of launch monitors the GCQuad is bar none the best launch monitor money can buy.

If it falls slightly out of your budget, but you are still looking for a high-quality accurate launch monitor consider the GC3 which is an older model from Foresight, that can be had for a lot cheaper.

Best Budget Launch Monitor For A Small Room: Bushnell Launch Pro

Bushnell Launch Pro

The Bushnell Launch Pro is a budget camera-based launch monitor that can be had for under $2000 and can produce accuracy numbers equivalent to launch monitors 4x its price.

The Bushnell Launch Pro is built with the same technology as the GC3 from Foresight establishing that it is a very accurate launch monitor for your home golf simulator. You may be scratching your head, and asking why is the Bushnell Launch Pro priced almost 4x cheaper than the GC3 if they have the same technology. The answer is that Bushnell Launch Pro comes in different versions and subscriptions. This is the loophole that catches many consumers off guard. So let’s go into a little more detail.

The Bushnell Launch Pro comes in two models, Ball Data Only and Ball and Club Data. The definitions are pretty self-explanatory. With the Ball Only launch monitor, you will get data only on ball metrics. This includes:

  • Carry Distance
  • Ball Speed
  • Total Spin
  • Horizontal Launch Angle
  • Vertical Launch Angle
  • Back Spin
  • Side Spin
  • Spin Tilt Axis

If you want the extra club data metrics, a model that is $1500 more expensive will need to be purchased. This Ball & Club Data model includes all the metrics above, as well as the following:

  • Club Head Speed
  • Smash Factor
  • Club Path
  • Angle of Attack

The great thing is that with the ball data only version is you get a 14 day free trail to use the Club Data model. You will have 2 weeks to test out if the club data add-on is something you will want, with no pressure to buy.

If you decide in that 14-day trial period you want to upgrade it will cost you only the base $1500 (note: the device for the two models is the same). If you decide at a later time to upgrade it will be 1750$, so paying 250$ more. It will be to your benefit to decide if you want that add-on to in the first 14 days.

Additionally, if you want to use the Bushnell Launch Pro as a full golf simulator you will require an add-on software subscription that costs another $499. This subscription will give you access to FSX Play, FSX Pro, and 25 full golf courses. This software comes standard with the GC3.

You are now seeing how the price gap starts to bridge between the Bushnell Launch Pro and the GC3. Even still the Bushnell Launch Pro comes in at a lower price point brand new. It offers you the flexibility to choose the data you want in your launch monitor, as well you can choose a different and cheaper software to run the launch monitor.

Pro Tip: If you buy the Bushnell Launch Pro I would opt to get GSPro as your golf simulator software. In my opinion, it is a better golf simulator software, and it is half the price for an annual subscription in comparison to the Foresight Software.

What makes the Bushnell Launch Pro the best budget launch monitor for small rooms is that it offers a camera-based launch monitor at a low entry point. It allows you to get the quality of a launch monitor 4x its price and offers the flexibility to upgrade it to a fuller model, by allowing you to test it at no risk. 

If you are looking for the best launch monitor for a small room, and working on a smaller budget then the Bushnell Launch Pro will make a perfect entry point for building your budget golf simulator.

Best Overhead Launch Monitor For a Small Room: GCHawk


An overhead mounted launch monitor can be expensive, but it offers a clean professional look to your golf simulator room. Many commercial golf simulators will use the overhead monitor as it looks fantastic, and with it not being on the floor it is less at risk of being hit.

To consider using an overhead launch monitor for your small space you will need a minimum of a 9-foot ceiling. Anything less than that, and the launch monitor is at the risk of being hit with a full swing with longer clubs. If you have plenty of ceiling height but lack depth or width in your small room then an overhead launch monitor is an excellent option.

Another excellent benefit of an overhead launch monitor for a small space is that it easily accommodates right-handed, and left-handed golfers. If you often host friends or have family members that hit from opposite sides you should consider an overhead launch monitor.

The hassle of moving your launch monitor after each shot to accommodate other-handed golfers is just a massive pain. With the GCHawk the hitting area is massive, allowing both righties and lefties to use the same space without having to move anything once it is setup. This is a major bonus for getting the most out of your launch monitor.

If price is not a factor in your decision, and you are simply looking for the best overhead launch monitor for a small room the GCHawk by Foresight is the choice.

The GCHawk uses Quadrascopic technology, meaning it uses 4 High-Speed Cameras to capture ball and club data. This is the same technology that can be found in the GCQuad I discussed earlier. With this camera-based technology, you are getting the most precise data on ball and club metrics that can be found in any launch monitor currently for sale.

Best Budget Overhead Launch Monitor For a Small Room: Uneekor Eye XO

Uneekor Eye XO

When it comes to overhead launch monitors there is not specifically a budget model, but you can save by buying an older model of a quality launch monitor. For this, I would look at the Uneekor Eye XO.

Uneekor is right up there with Foresight as the most accurate launch monitor manufactures. The Uneekor Eye XO was first launched in 2020 and has since been succeeded by the Uneekor Eye XO2, but at the time of its release, it was one of the top overhead launch monitors.

The Uneekor Eye XO captures both ball, and club data, and is compatible with any ball. These three factors in one model set it apart from other budget overhead monitors that do not provide all 3 factors for the price of the Eye XO.

The Uneekor Eye XO features two high-speed cameras to capture data. This is less than the Eye XO2 which features 3, and the Foresight duo of the GCQuad, and GCHawk which feature 4 high-speed cameras.

The Uneekor Eye XO has been surpassed by updated models with more cameras and better technology, but it is still an excellent launch monitor. If an overhead launch monitor is what fits best in your small room, and you don’t want to break the bank on a brand-new model look at the Uneekor Eye XO. It is the best budget overhead launch monitor for a small room.


A small room can come in all shapes, and depending on how the room is cut it may allow you to use different launch monitors. If you have a very deep room you will be able to use the popular radar launch monitors. If you have high ceilings the overhead launch monitors work very well, but in all circumstances a camera-based launch monitor works best for small spaces.

The camera-based launch monitors that sit parallel to the ball like the GCQuad, and Bushnell Launch Pro require the least amount of space to operate. They will work with any small space, no matter how the room is shaped.

A launch monitor for a small room will be the first step in building your dream golf simulator. If you are looking to complete your build on a tight budget, read the following article where I go over how to build a golf simulator on a budget.

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