Best Launch Monitor For Driving Range

Best Launch Monitor For Driving Range

The best launch monitor for driving range is different from what you need for a home golf simulator. 

For a driving range launch monitor, I want my key metrics given to me in a quick easy-to-read display. I don’t need to see the flight path on screen, nor do I want to carry around a tablet, or my phone each time I need to view my numbers. I also do not want to carry around a big bulky launch monitor. I want something compact, and easy to carry to the driving range.

I want to strike the ball observe the ball flight, and quickly look down and read my numbers. When you watch PGA tour players having range sessions they are not lugging around big launch monitors onto the driving range. They have small compact launch monitors that give them quick feedback on the key data. This is what you should be prioritizing in a launch monitor for the driving range.

Now that we have an idea of what makes the best launch monitor for driving range, let’s look at which brands come out as the best.

Best Launch Monitor For Driving Range: Full Swing KIT

Full Swing KIT Tiger Woods 1

The Full Swing KIT is the launch monitor trusted by Tiger Woods, need I say more? A man who prides himself on being perfect has placed his trust in the data accuracy of this launch monitor, and it is not only him. Tour pros from John Rahm, to Jason Day to Jordan Spieth, to Dustin Johnson are all currently using this launch monitor for driving range sessions. If it is good enough for the very best in the world I think I can say it is a good choice for you.

The Full Swing KIT launch monitor has everything I am looking for in a launch monitor for the driving range.

Portable Case Full Swing

First, it is compact, and light making it very portable to take to the range. It measures 6 x 10 inches, making it about the size of an iPad tablet, and weighs only 4 kilograms. It also comes with a durable padded case, that makes carrying it to the driving range very easy.

Full Swing OLED Monitor 1

It features the first full-color OLED Monitor on a launch monitor. The 5.3 Inch Ultra-Bright Full HD (1920×1080) OLED display features 16.7 million colors. How that translates for us is that the ultra-bright screen allows us to see the numbers on the launch monitor even on a bright sunny summer day. No need to pick up your phone, or tablet, and disrupt the flow of your range session. Just simply turn back and look at the monitor and you will have all your key metrics displayed with a quick glance at the screen, and then you can move on to your next swing.

16 Data Points

The Full Swing KIT captures 16 ball and club data metrics. It tracks every key data point that will be necessary to perfect your swing or to provide to an instructor to help analyze your swing. The OLED display can be customized to your preference and can display up to 4 different metrics on the screen at one time. This allows you to quickly view the data points that are important to you.

Full Swing Connected App

Where Full Swing KIT unlocks its full power is with the mobile app. They claim it is the most connected app in golf, and it is hard to argue with what it can do. The IOS app is designed to work seamlessly with all Apple-based products. Seeing the data on your iPhone, or iPad is all still possible, but the app connectivity takes it steps further. 

If you have an Apple watch, you are in luck. You don’t need to look back at the launch monitor screen, just check your wrist, and all your numbers are right there for you. Are you more audio-based, no worries Full Swing KIT has you covered. Stick in your wireless headphones, and connect via Bluetooth, and you will hear all your data after every shot. It is truly remarkable all the ways you can get immediate feedback on your swing, without disrupting the flow of your driving range session.

Full Swing App Data

The data doesn’t stop there. If all these numbers and metrics are too much for you to digest right at the range no problem, Full Swing KIT still has you covered. Every data point, from every shot, from every session that you used the Full Swing app will be stored in the cloud-based app. This will allow you to analyze your range session with the full scope of every shot you hit.

Look at your yardages, your shot dispersion, frequency of clubs used. Track trends over time and see how your carry distance improves as you fine-tune your swing. Is your shot dispersion getting tighter with that swing tweak you made this range session? No need to guess you will have all that data at your fingertips. 

As if that wasn’t enough data and analysis for you Full Swing KIT also includes a high-resolution 4K camera that will capture every swing of your driving range session. You can choose to watch it back immediately or store it to watch later from home. Every swing is stored in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about having enough space on your device.

The amount of data and analysis from a Full Swing KIT is mind-blowing. If you’re looking to improve your game no other launch monitor can provide as much feedback as the Full Swing KIT. You will have all the data and analysis you or your instructor need to elevate your golf game to the next level.

Full Swing KIT Accuracy

The Full Swing KIT has a 5D Micro Doppler Radar Patented 24GHZ Dual Model ML machine learning radar. That is a fancy way of saying it is very accurate.

The accuracy of the launch monitor was put up against a GCQuad which has 4 high-speed cameras capturing its ball and club data, and the numbers were almost exactly the same. The GCQuad sells for over 3x the price of the Full Swing KIT, which makes this launch monitor an excellent value.

At the time of publishing this article Rain or Shine Golf is selling this launch monitor for 500$ cheaper than purchasing it directly from Full Swing. Check below for the latest price to verify the promotion is still running. I have also seen it on sale on Amazon. I have provided quick links to verify the latest price on both sites below.

Best Budget Launch Monitor For Driving Range: Swing Caddie SC4

Swing Caddie SC4

The Swing Caddie SC4 by Voice Caddie is the best budget launch monitor for the driving range. If you can’t afford to spend up for the Full Swing KIT and are looking for something cheap to bring to the driving range this launch monitor makes an excellent cheap alternative.

The Swing Caddie SC4 is a small light, and compact launch monitor measuring 5×7 inches, and weighing only 15 ounces.

The Swing Caddie SC4 while lightweight and compact does not come with a case which makes transporting it to and from the range a little clunky. You can grab a case for the Swing caddie SC4 for under 50$, and I would highly recommend picking one up if you plan to use it as a launch monitor for the driving range. The sleek protective case comes with an alignment grid to help you with the alignment to your ball at the range.

The Swing Caddie SC4 possesses the main feature that I want from a launch monitor for the driving range, and that is quick presentation of the core data.

SC4 8 Core Metrics

The Swing Caddie SC4 measures 8 core ball metrics but does not provide any club data. The SC4 provides all 8 metrics on screen at one time, unlike the Full Swing KIT which can only display 4 at a time, so this one area that the Swing Caddie SC4 is superior.

The Swing Caddie SC4 also features audio feedback as the device will announce your shot distance after every swing. This is another added feature that allows you to have a focused fluid range session without interruption.

SC4 App 1

The launch monitor pairs with the Voice Caddie MySwingCaddie App. While the app offers the log of your practice session, many consumers have stated that the app is a weak point for the launch monitor as it tends to miss data on shots. It is still a nice option to have for your driving range session, but it doesn’t offer the depth of connectivity or the reliability of the Full Swing App.

Connectivity to the MySwingCaddie App will also allow the golfer to record their swing when pairing the device with a smartphone or tablet. Unlike the Full Swing KIT the SC4 does not have a built-in camera in the launch monitor.

SC4 Remote

Another nice added feature of the Swing Caddie SC4 is that it comes with a remote that allows you to change clubs or modes easily. The remote stores nicely on the back of the device so it is not lost or misplaced.

The Swing Caddie SC4 is compatible with E6 Connect Golf Simulator Software allowing you to extend the driving range session at home. The out of the box purchase will give you access to one course, and a practice range to use a home. If you want a cheap portable lunch monitor for the primary purpose of using it as a home golf simulator I think the options of the Garmin R10, Rapsodo MLM2PRO, and Flightscope Mevo+ are all better options for this purpose. But, the  Swing Caddie SC4 is the best launch monitor for driving range.


Taking a launch monitor to a driving range will greatly enhance your range sessions. The data you obtain will allow you to track your improvements, or provide the valuable information an instructor will need to help you. The data and analysis can allow you to get virtual lessons which are far more affordable.

The best launch monitor for driving range in my opinion is clearly the Full Swing KIT. There is a reason why it is the launch monitor many tour pros, including Tiger Woods trust for their driving range practice sessions.

The Full Swing KIT is 10x the price of the Swing Caddie SC4, and many of us don’t have the money to spend on a Full Swing KIT as a driving range launch monitor. This is makes the Swing Caddie SC4 a great budget option. It provides all the important elements I want from a driving range launch monitor at an affordable price. Be realistic with your budget, and go with the option that best fits.

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