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Best Outdoor Golf Net – Turn Your Backyard Into a Driving Range

The summer is here, and you are looking for the best outdoor golf net to turn your backyard into your own personal driving range. Finding the best outdoor golf net depends on your own personal ball speeds. 

The reality is that you get what you pay for regarding the quality of outdoor golf nets. If you generate low ball speeds, you can get away with lower-quality materials because your speeds won’t put as much stress on the net. If you possess higher speeds, you will need better quality or will risk ripping the net, and sailing balls into your neighbor’s yard.

Let’s have a look at the best outdoor golf nets for different ball speeds, so you can find the one that is perfect for you.

Best Outdoor Golf Net (140+ mph ball speed): Spornia SPG-7

Spornia SPG 7

The Spornia SPG-7 is the best outdoor golf net for golfers with high ball speed. Measuring 7 x 7 x7 feet the outdoor net is a perfect compact size for any backyard. The angle of set up, and the added roof make it nearly impossible to hit balls over the net despite being smaller in height than other nets.

The simplicity of setup is one of the standout features of the Spornia SPG-7. The home golf net basically comes to you pre-built. All you have to do is take it out of the box, add two fiberglass poles, and you are done. It is that easy. Putting it away is equally a breeze. Just takeout the two poles and the net collapses easily, and neatly for quick storing. The design, and ease of setup are just a couple of reasons why it is the best outdoor golf net for sale. 

Spornia SPG 7 Swing

The Spornia SPG-7 is made of high-grade quality material that is designed for higher swing, and ball speeds. If you are a golfer with high ball speeds cheap budget nets won’t stand up to the impact your speed creates.

The Spornia bullseye target sheet is made with an extra thick material designed to absorb impact and reduce noise. The extra thick design and premium material allow it to stand up against higher speeds without any fear of the balls ripping through the material. 

The net features a premium knotless anti-tear netting behind the target sheet that doubles the layer of resistance. The netting is double-stitched at the edge to prevent any tearing or ripping of the net off the frame. As for the frame it is made of heavy-duty steel that is very stable and won’t move even when impacted with very high ball speeds. The SPG-7 is built to last, and will be the only outdoor golf net you will need to buy.

Spornia golf hitting nets all feature their patterned ball return system. The net is set up at an angle that allows balls to hit the target screen and roll gently down, and back to the golfer. At the base is a net that collects all the balls which allows you to quickly retrieve them. No worries of balls flying all over the yard, or searching for them after you have hit it. The ball return system works like a charm and is one of the stand-out features that make the Spornia SPG-7 the best outdoor golf net.

One of the big fears with outdoor golf nets is missing, or over-hitting the target, and sailing balls into our neighbors’ yard. The Spornia SPG-7 again has this covered. Included is a roof that hangs over the main frame. The roof adds, an extra 1.5 feet of height to the frame, and makes it almost impossible to hit over, even with high lofted wedges. The Spornia SPG-7 has you covered from driver to lob wedge, allowing you to practice hitting every club in your bag worry-free.

Sponia White Sheet

A nice added feature of buying a Spornia golf net is that you can add a white impact target sheet. The white target sheet can replace the bullseye to create a projectable screen. This allows you to turn the best outdoor golf net into an indoor golf simulator impact screen. This doubles the use of the outdoor golf net, allowing you to also create a home golf simulator. If you have plans to build a golf simulator indoors once the summer months are over, then I would highly suggest paying the extra money to grab the white target sheet.

The one major complaint consumers have with the Spornia SPG-7 is that it does not include a hitting mat, and one needs to be purchased separately. While many see this as a drawback, I see it as giving the consumer added flexibility of choice. The Spornia SPG-7 is designed for better golfers. These golfers are looking for premium-grade materials, and are willing to pay a premium for higher quality.

Most included hitting surfaces with outdoor golf nets, are not made with high-quality materials, wear out quickly, and can be hard on the joints. An experienced golfer who is taking game improvement seriously will want a more premium golf-hitting mat. If you are looking for suggestions for a high-quality golf hitting mat that will be durable, soft on the joints, and won’t break the bank check out my full review of Carl’s Hotshot Hitting Mat, which in my opinion is the best budget premium golf hitting mat.

Spornia SPG 8

If you are looking for a larger golf-hitting net, look into the SPG-8. The SPG-8 measures 8 x 8 x 8 feet (the height is 9.5 feet but angled down to give 8 feet) offering an extra large hitting area, while still possessing all the amazing features of the SPG-7.

If you are a seasoned golfer who takes game improvement seriously, possesses high ball speeds, and wants to hit every club in your bag worry-free, then the Spornia SPG-7 is the best outdoor golf net for you.

Best Budget Outdoor Golf Net

Best Budget Outdoor Net

When it comes to purchasing a budget option for an outdoor golf net the biggest worry will be the durability and the quality of the materials. How long will the materials last before balls rip through the material. All budget options will be at risk of not being able to withstand real golf balls at high speeds.

If your ball speeds are over 140 mph I would just opt for the Spornia golf net as you need a proven heavy-duty net. Any budget option found on Amazon will be at risk of tearing with real golf balls at that high speed.

You have to be very careful of the claims of the budget nets versus reality. Some nets claim to hold up against 200 mph ball speeds, but real-world testing proves that they don’t come anywhere close to withstanding those speeds. So you have to take the claims with a grain of salt.

Best Budget Outdoor Golf Net: Ball Speed of 100 to 140 mph

GoSports Golf Hitting Net
Spornia Target

If you are a casual golfer your ball speeds will likely fall in this range. While you don’t need a premium outdoor net, you still need a quality net that won’t easily rip with prolonged use. I believe a hybrid combo package is the best outdoor golf net option for this golfer.

I would start as a base with a 10×7 golf net. The GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net or Amazon Basics are good cheap options. Both these nets alone would have had difficulty in withstanding higher ball speeds, and this is why adding a second absorbing layer is recommended. 

Blasting golf balls straight into a net no matter how high the quality is going to always be at risk of tearing or ripping. Adding a target layer is going to give you a much higher chance of preventing that net from ripping on impact. 

I would recommend picking up the Spornia Golf Net Target. This is the same target material that Spornia uses on their SPG-7 and SPG-8 premium golf-hitting nets. You are getting an extremely durable material that is better than any target you get in budget golf nets. This will be your first layer of defense, absorbing the brunt of the impact of the ball speed, and putting far less strain on your budget golf net. 

The Spornia Golf Net Target is 64 inches x 64 Inches making it a good size for any 10×7 foot golf net. It attaches easily to any net with sturdy adjustable velcro straps.

Pairing the Spornia Golf Net Target with a budget golf-hitting net you now have two layers of protection that will be a higher quality than any out-of-the-box-hitting net. The beauty is this combo is just about 100$ making it very budget-friendly.

GoSports Tri Turf Hitting Mat

The hybrid package will be lacking a golf-hitting mat. If you need to add an ultra-budget hitting mat have a look at GoSports Tri-Turf it offers three different hitting surfaces, including a driving surface that accepts real tees. The fairway section is prone to bad wear after prolonged use, but that is to be expected for the price. It is an excellent starting hitting mat that can be easily replaced at its current price, or upgraded.

This hybrid package is the best outdoor golf net setup for golfers with average swing speeds. This do-it-yourself package takes the best budget products to create a durable high performing setup that won’t break the bank.

Best Budget Outdoor Golf Net: Ball Speed Under 100 mph: Guecar Golf Net

Guecar Outdoor Golf Net

If you are a senior with slower ball speeds, or purchasing a net for a young junior golfer. The Guecar Golf Net is the best outdoor golf net for those ball speeds. This golf hitting net is very cheap and comes with everything you need for your backyard setup.

Included with the package is a 10×7 nylon net, and a bullseye target sheet. The package includes a 2×1 foot hitting mat that offers three different types of surface (fairway, grass, and rough). Also included are 5 golf balls, a rubber tee, 4 ground stakes, and a portable carrying case. It has everything you need in one package to get you set up.

The golf target sheet comes with 3 cut-out holes of varying sizes that make for a fun way to practice your chipping. For chipping you do not have to worry about the material holding up against high-ball speeds, but without an additional roof, there are risk that you chip balls over the frame, so be cautious on where the net is set up.

The setup is done easily with connecting rods that feed into the netting creating the large 10×7 hitting area. The frame is then secured to the ground with the 4 ground stakes.

Don’t believe the product description. They claim to be able to withstand up to 200 mph speed, but the real world testing has proven that it in no way can withstand ball speeds anywhere close to that.

They also claim to have a 2-year worry-free warranty that appears to be a lie as well. I haven’t found a review of anyone who has successfully claimed a warranty on this product.

With the Guecar Golf Net, you have to accept you are getting what you pay for. For the right golfer, this golf net is an excellent value. It will provide everything you need in one purchase. It’s fault is that the materials are of low quality and will not stand up against the ball speeds of most golfers. For a senior with low ball speeds, or young junior golfers this is a very good purchase as an outdoor golf net.


Assessing what is the best outdoor golf net for you is dependent on your own personal ball speed. Golfers with lower swing speeds can get away with a less durable material as their ball won’t put as much stress on the material. Golfers with high ball speed will need to pay for better quality than can absorb their speed.

Don’t buy a budget setup that can’t contain your ball speeds it will just be wasting your money. If you want a product that will last, you need to choose one that works for your speed. I hope I have pointed you in the right direction, and that these products will have you enjoying your summer, and improving your golf swing from the comfort of your backyard.

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