Cheap Golf Simulator Projector

Best Cheap Golf Simulator Projector

A cheap golf simulator projector is a relative statement, what some may consider cheap, others will consider expensive. Each golf simulator owner will have a different budget, and as such I’ll have a look at the best cheap golf simulator projectors at different price points.

Please note that the prices of the projectors were as of the publishing of the article, and are subject to change, please check the latest prices link provided.

Best Cheap 4K Projector For Golf Simulator: BenQ TK700STI


Under $1500 may not seem cheap for some golfers, but when other 4K Projectors such as the BenQ 936ST are being sold for close to $5000 this projector is a great option The question many of you will have is why such a big price gap? Is there a massive difference between the two 4K projectors that justifies such a big price difference? Let’s take a quick look at some of the key differences, between the two BenQ 4K projectors.

Laser vs. Lamp: 

  • The biggest reason for the price difference is the LK936ST is a laser projector, whereas the TK700STI is a lamp bulb projector.
  • The LK936ST has a longer lifespan due to its laser light source, offering 20,000 hours compared to the 4,000 hours of the TK700STI  bulb life.
  • Although the bulb replacement for the TK700STI is affordable and easy to replace, the LK936ST eliminates the need for frequent bulb changes.


  • The LK936ST (5100 Lumens) being a laser-sourced projector can produce 2,000 more lumens than the lamp source TK700STI (3,000 lumens).
  • While the TK700STI offers good picture quality, the LK936ST edges ahead in brightness and color vibrancy due to more lumens.

Picture Correction:

  • Both projectors offer horizontal and vertical Keystone correction, which is suitable for off-center mounting in golf simulator setups.
  • The LK936ST additionally features horizontal and vertical lens shift, offering more versatility in adjusting the projection.

Gaming Performance:

  • The TK700STI actually outperforms the LK936ST in gaming performance with lower input lag, making it a better choice for gaming applications like your golf simulator software.
  • Despite the higher input lag of the LK936ST, the difference is hardly noticeable in golf simulator software use.

The LK936ST offers the best image quality, produces the highest lumens, and offers longevity justifying its place as the best golf simulator projector on the market. But, the TK700STI provides excellent value for its price, offering high-quality visuals, similar picture correctness, and better gaming performance.

The difference in quality is less than the price difference may indicate, and unless you are working with an unlimited budget the BenQ TK700STI presents the better value and is the best cheap 4K golf simulator projector you can purchase.

Best Cheap Golf Simulator Projector Under $1000: Optoma GT2000HDR

Optoma GT2000HDR

The Optoma GT2000HDR checks all the boxes in what I am looking for in a cheap golf simulator projector:

  • Short-Throw Projector: The Optoma GT2000HDR can produce a 10-foot image from just 4’4 feet.
  • 1080p Full HD Resolution: Displays sharp images and details in full 1080p HD (1920×1080) without downscaling or compression.
  • At Least 3000 Lumens: The Optoma GT2000HDR delivers beyond this rate projecting at 3500 lumens making it an ideal choice for brighter golf simulator rooms with a lot of ambient light.
  • Laser Projector: This projector has a DuraCore laser light technology which eliminates lamp and filter replacements for up to 30,000 hours of virtually maintenance-free operation.

On top of the key base features of the Optoma GT2000HDR is an enhanced game mode that produces a lower input lag, and higher refresh rate. Built primarily for gaming systems it is useful when playing golf simulator courses on higher settings. Ultimately the lag will depend on your computer, but if you are running a high-performing gaming computer with this projector your response time will be better. 

The Optoma GT2000HDR delivers on all the key requirements I am looking for and comes in at under 1000$ dollars making it my favorite cheap golf simulator projector under a 1000$.

Best Cheap Golf Simulator Projector Under $500: NexiGo PJ40 (Gen 3) 

NexiGo PJ40 (Gen 3)

The NexiGo PJ40 (Gen 3) ranked as the best budget projector in an independent comparison done by YouTuber The Hook Up.

At this price point, you are starting to sacrifice quality and key features. You likely will not find a brand new 1080p full HD, short-throw projector, that has laser projection and produces at least 3000 lumens. If you do find one you likely have stumbled upon a great deal or sale, and you should likely jump on it.

These mini projectors like the NexiGo PJ40 can project at 1080p resolution, and produce decent picture quality,  but are not short throw, so they will need to be set up much further back from your impact screen, and as such they will cast shadows. Also this projector produces only 700 lumens, far lower than what we are ideally looking for in a golf simulator projector.

The NexiGo PJ40 and other similar brands are well-reviewed on Amazon, but most reviewers are not using them for a golf simulator. I personally would not advocate starting your golf simulator build with one of these projectors. If your budget is under 500 dollars, then your best bet is to shop for a higher-quality brand-name projector that is used or refurbished.

Used Golf Simulator Projectors – Hidden Gems?

Golf Simulator Projectors on Ebay

A used golf simulator projector is the most effective way of obtaining a cheap golf simulator projector, but you need to have an idea of what you should be looking for. Here is the checklist I would be looking at when shopping for a cheap golf simulator projector:

  1. Short-Throw Projector: A short throw lens is key in being able to set up your projector from a short distance, without a loss of image quality or casting shadows. Try looking for a projector that has a short throw lens.
  2. Minimum of 1080p HD Resolution: If you prefer 4K projectors, you can find these as well used, but I would not settle for any cheap golf simulator projector that cannot project in full 1080p HD Resolution.
  3. Minimum 3000 Lumens: This can be flexible depending on how much ambient light is in your room, but I would shoot for something with at least 3000 lumens.
  4. How Many Hours of Use: This one might be the most important criteria when shopping for a used projector, and also the hardest one to accurately determine. Lamp-based projectors generally can last from 5000 to 20,000 hours. If choosing to go with a lamp-based projector look for one that has under 1000 hours of use. Ideally, you will be able to find a laser projector that generally lasts over 30,000 hours.

Some older models may not check all those boxes but try to find models that check as many as possible while staying at your set budget. I would place projectors that are listed as refurbished above purely used ones, as they usually have been given new parts to give them a more extended life span.

To see if the used price is a good deal, I would try finding the projector new to see how much that is being sold for, and compare it to the used price to see if you are getting a big discount. Projector Central provides an amazing Projector Throw Calculator. The calculator will show you the throw distance for the exact image size you are looking to project.

Here are some older models from popular brands that I would keep an eye out for, some are higher quality than others, so look for the one that fits your budget, and needs.

  • Optoma: HD26, EH415ST, HD141x, GT1080HDR (4K Projector)
  • BenQ: TH671ST, TH690ST
  • ViewSonic: PS600X, PX700 PX701HDH

As time progresses more new models will fall into the used bin, so don’t be tied to the list above be flexible, apply the checklist, and get the best cheap golf simulator you can for your budget.

Where To Buy Used Golf Simulator Projectors

Your number one stop for used golf simulator projectors is going to be eBay. They have many used, and refurbished projectors for all budgets. Have a quick browse of used Projectors on eBay, and you will find some great deals. If you are not finding exactly what you are looking for on eBay then Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and Reddit are alternative options. For a full breakdown of where you can find great deals for your golf simulator builds check out my article 7 Places To Buy A Used Gold Simulator


A cheap golf simulator projector is relative to your budget. How much are you willing to spend has a different answer for each person. My suggestion is to create a budget for your whole golf simulator build and get a firm number of how much you are willing to spend. Do you want something brand new, or are you ok with something that is used, or refurbished? 

The one thing to keep in mind the lower in price you go the more key features that a quality golf simulator projector possesses will need to be sacrificed. The good news is that no matter what your budget is there is a cheap golf simulator projector in that price range. I hope my suggestions have made finding the perfect cheap golf simulator projector for you easier, good luck with your project.

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