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7 Places To Buy A Used Golf Simulator

Buying a used golf simulator is a cheap way to become a golf simulator owner. The difficult part is trying to find where to buy pre-owned golf simulators. Golf Simulators are not a common item for sale, and rarely is it sold as a complete package, as such you need to know where to shop for it.

If you have patience, and do your research you can build a used golf simulator for a fraction of the price of a new one. I have found that the best places to shop for a used golf simulator are the following:

1. eBay

eBay Used Golf Simulator

EBay is my number one spot, and my first visit to shop for a used golf simulator. EBay provides a large marketplace for finding exactly what you are looking for when trying to build a used golf simulator. You also have the reassurance that all your used purchases are protected through eBay’s seller’s policies.

The other main use of eBay is that it acts as my price point reference when I am shopping through other means. If I am unsure if a price listed on Facebook Marketplace is a good value, I’ll search to see what it is being sold for on eBay. 

You will find a big selection of used launch monitors on eBay. You will find everything from cheaper portable launch monitors like the Rapsodo MLM, right up to a pre-owned Trackman. 

Ebay is also a great place to shop for projectors. You can often find older office projectors for cheap that can be used for a golf simulator. Be sure to know your plans for your golf simulator room, and where you will be putting your projector.

One of the best uses for EBay when building a used golf simulator is for gaming computers. To play virtual courses on your golf simulator, you will need a powerful gaming computer, and it can cost a lot of money to purchase a brand-new computer. EBay offers an excellent place to buy a used gaming laptop or to build your own gaming computer. Be sure to know the minimum requirements needed to run your golf simulator software. If you are uncertain what the requirements are I covered it in-depthly in this guide of the best gaming computers for a golf simulator.

I have provided quick links to relevant search queries on ebay for building a used golf simulator

Used Launch Monitors on ebay

Used Projectors on ebay

Used Golf Mats on ebay

Used Gaming Laptops on ebay

2. Global Golf

Global Golf Used Golf Simulator

The industry leader in used golf clubs also sells pre-owned golf simulator components including launch monitors, mats, and nets. With Global Golf you get a major reputable brand backing the purchases, so you have the peace of mind that any purchase made on their site is backed by their 90-day return policy. Have a browse of their stock, and maybe pick up a new club or two to test out on your new used golf simulator.

Pre-Owned Launch Monitors on Global Golf

Pre-Owned Golf Mats of Global Golf

Pre-Owned Golf Nets on Global Golf

3.Reddit and Golf Simulator Forum

Reddit Golf Simulator Forum Used Golf Simulator

The r/Golf Simulator Reddit group and Golf Simulator Forum are home to a wealth of knowledge on the Golf Simulator industry, but it is also where many Golf Simulator owners go to sell their old golf simulators. 

Visiting these two valuable websites will help you learn what you need to be shopping for, and you will actually find quite a few golfers selling off their used golf simulators as they look to upgrade. Both these sites are strong community-based platforms, where the sellers tend to offer a better price than pure re-sellers who are just trying to turn a profit on other sites. This would be one of the first places I would look when shopping for a used golf simulator.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Used Golf Simulator

Facebook Marketplace is the virtual swap market of the digital age, where one person’s trash becomes another’s treasure. This an excellent spot for finding used golf simulator components. When golfers upgrade their existing home golf simulators, they are willing to get rid of their replaced hardware for pennies on the dollar, and this is where you can swoop in for great deals.

The tricky part like all purchases on Facebook Marketplace is establishing what is a good price for the used item. You need to have a good grasp of what good market value of an item that has some wear and tear. I would suggest doing a quick price check against other online platforms like ebay. When it comes to technical items like used launch monitors and projectors, I would try not to pick up items that are too old. Items like mats, nets, impact screens, and enclosures, are excellent purchases. Gaming computers can also be found cheaply, but again be sure that they meet the required specifications to run your golf simulator software.


CraigsList Used Golf Simulator

Craigslist much like Facebook Marketplace is a roll of the dice. The modern-day online classified is a vast space of used items. Finding a quality used golf simulator on Craigslist will require patience and knowledge. You will need to have some knowledge of the items you want to buy and be able to identify what price point is good value. 

Craigslist can find hidden gems, but not many golf simulators are for sale on this platform. Doing a quick browse I was able to find some launch monitors such as the Garmin R10, SkyTrak, and even a Uneekor Eye Mini. This would not be my first visit when shopping for a used golf simulator, but my search would most certainly include a browse of Craigslist in my surrounding area.

6. Garage Sale

Garage Sale Used Golf Simulator

Finding a used golf simulator at a garage sale is highly unlikely. Golf Simulator hardware is a specialized purchase that most people aren’t sticking out on their front lawns. So you are not going to be finding someone selling a Uneekor Eye XO, or a GcQuad at a garage sale. To make use of a garage sale you are going to need to be creative, and handy.

Garage sales can be great for a DIY used golf simulator build. You might be able to find strong blackout curtains that can be used for a golf simulator enclosure. Maybe they are selling some cheap grizzly grass, or foam mats that can be used for golf simulator flooring. Used bar stools can be usually had for cheap at garage sales. They can be great for building a small bar for your golf simulator room.

If you think outside of the box, there are likely a bunch of things you can find for really cheap at a garage sale. The key like with other options is you need to know in advance what to be on the lookout for.

7. Estate Sales

Estate Sale Used Golf Simulator

Trying to piece together a used golf simulator by finding cheap pre-owned hardware can be challenging. With Estate Sales the golf simulator is usually being auctioned off as a total unit. Finding a specific item in an estate sale used to be like finding a needle in a haystack, but with sites like Estate Sales.Net that process has become easier.

Sites like Estate Sales.Net will show you all Estate Sales in your area and will show pictures of all the items that are available at each auction. This will allow you to take quick peeks in your area if, by an off chance, a golf simulator is available. It is still a long shot, but browsing these sales can now be done quickly, and easily and has the potential of massive savings.

Conclusion: Used Golf Simulator Can It Be Done?

It is very unlikely to find a complete used golf simulator for sale. A used golf simulator can be had, but it will be done by piecing together various used golf simulator components together. Building a golf simulator from used parts will take time and patience. You will have to invest the time to scour the internet and area to find the used products, and then wait for deals, or negotiate a better price.

The other major challenge of buying used, is you never can be certain of the quality you are getting. When you can it is best recommended to buy certified pre-owned products or to buy from sites that are backed by a major brand with return or buyer protection insurance.

On the positive side, online marketplaces are growing, and sellers are becoming more abundant, giving buyers more opportunities. You don’t have to buy all your parts used, you can pick and choose what used components you need. Be creative, and handy on how you can use some cheap used items to build an amazing home golf simulator. The world is at your fingertips, so get browsing, and see what great deals you can find.

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