Golf Simulator Projector Placement

Best Golf Simulator Projector Placement: Ceiling vs. Floor

Choosing the best golf simulator projector placement can be a hard decision. Both ceiling-mounted, and floor projectors have pros and cons, deciding which is best for you will come down to your own personal space, and design. Let’s explore each mounting option’s positive and negative, and learn which golf simulator projector placement works best for your setup.

Overhead Mounted Ceiling Projector: Pros and Cons

Ceiling Mounted Projector
  • Maximize The Space
  • Aesthetically More Pleasing
  • Projector Is Out Of Sight
  • Requires More Ceiling Height
  • Can cast shadows
  • More work to wire the projector

A ceiling-mounted projector is an option that is preferred for most golf simulator owners as it is the most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This golf simulator projector placement maximizes the space and puts the projector in a position that is visually out of sight for the golfer.

Golf Simulator projectors continue to see advancements in the technology that allows for projections to be done from a short distance that can completely fill large screens. Features such as keystone correction, screen fill, and corner fit all assist in getting the image to fill the screen.

The biggest constraint with ceiling-mounted golf simulator projectors is ceiling height, and having enough clearance to safely swing longer clubs like your driver. Ideally, a 9-foot ceiling is recommended to have enough clearance to swing clubs safely and have a ceiling-mounted projector.

Mounting a golf simulator projector to the ceiling can be more challenging as it will require a ceiling mount. This mount can be attached to the ceiling directly, or the frame of the golf simulator enclosure. This will require an enclosure like Carl’s Place Pro Enclosure which allows for projectors to be mounted to it. If you are looking for a ceiling mount the QualGear Pro-AV is an excellent choice. It allows for 20 degrees of tilt and a roll of 8 degrees. Making it easy to adjust once mounted.

Another of the main concerns with ceiling-mounted projectors is that it can cast shadows when the right projector is not used. With the advancement in technology with short throw projectors, this is becoming less of an issue, but be sure when shopping for a projector that a short throw projector is purchased if shadows are a concern. 

The wiring for a ceiling-mounted projector can also be challenging for those without the experience. Wires will need to be properly tucked away, and fed along the ceiling so that they don’t hang down causing a visual distraction, and an electrical hazard to the room.

Floor Mounted Projector: Pros and Cons

Floor Projector Golf Simulator
  • Does not require a mount to attach
  • Not at risk to being hit in backswing
  • More easily adjusted
  • More prone to being hit with balls
  • Placement can be in the way physically and visually
  • Greater Risk of Overheating

Installing your golf simulator projector on the floor offers a few benefits. To start the setup is much easier, it won’t require a mount, and it requires less do-it-yourself handy skills. The projector can be easily adjusted as it can be moved by hand, and isn’t fixed on a mount.

While the floor-mounted projector is not at risk of being hit in the backswing, it is at a high risk of being hit with balls. Either low mishits or balls bouncing off the impact screen can hit the projector causing major damage to the expensive hardware. If deciding to floor mount the projector a floor mount protector enclosure is a must.

The golf simulator projector placement on the floor can cause an obstruction both physically, and visually. Physically the projector is on the floor, making it easy to miss, and it can be stepped or tripped over. It makes the golf simulator floor not a clean environment. On top of that the projector on the floor, or the protector enclosure can cause a visual distraction to your sight line when swinging, even if it is placed not directly in your target line.

The last factor to consider when placing your projector on the floor of your golf simulator room is the risk of overheating. The golf simulator projector placement on the floor offers poor ventilation and makes the projector open to a greater risk of overheating.

Get A Professional Opinion

Professional Help Golf Simulator

The decision of where to place your golf simulator projector is unique to each room. Every golf simulator room will have different dimensions, and constraints that may make one option better than the other. The room needs to be analyzed to see what works best for that individual space. The best way to achieve this is to seek professional feedback.

Carl’s Place

Carl’s Place’s custom Golf Simulator Design will take any home project from an idea to a ready-to-build plan. The company offers two plans for different budgets.


Carl's Place Technical Design
  • Includes a consultation meeting with one of their in-house experts to walk through your golf simulator room.
  • Once they have the details, they will provide full technical drawings and an all-inclusive project plan.
  • They will provide personalized recommendations on specific products that will work best for your specific project room.

Here is an example of what is included in Carl’s Technical Golf Room Designs.

Carl's Place Technical Design 2


Carl's Place Complete Design

This package includes everything from the Technical package plus:

  • Photorealistic 3D renderings of your future golf simulator room.

These images really allow you to see their vision brought to life. You will be amazed to see what they can achieve with your unique space. It will bring your golf simulator dreams into reality.

Here are some examples of some of Carl’s  Complete Tier Golf Room Designs.

Carl’s Place Complete Golf Room Design – Example 1

Carl’s Place Complete Golf Room Design – Example 2

Rain or Shine Golf

Rain Or Shine Golf

If Carl’s Place design package is outside of your budget, or if you simply need a quick professional opinion, then I would look into Rain or Shine Golf services. They offer a FREE 30-minute consultation that will go over any details you want. This is a perfect way to get a professional opinion on whether your golf simulator projector placement is correct. Their team is extremely helpful and is happy to offer any guidance you are looking for.


A ceiling or floor-mounted projector can both be effective solutions for your golf simulator project. The most important aspect in deciding which is best is to properly asses your own personal space. Every golf simulator room is different, in shape, and dimension. Knowing how to use that space correctly, will ultimately decide the best golf simulator projector placement.

If you don’t know how to properly assess your room, I would highly recommend speaking to a professional as free consultations are being offered, so it costs nothing to get a professional opinion. Take these steps, and you will find the perfect golf simulator projector placement for your personal space.

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