Best Golf Club Rack for Simulator Room

A golf club rack can be a sleek, convenient way of displaying and organizing your clubs in a golf simulator room. It will help reduce clutter in the golf simulator room by moving out your bulky golf bag and displaying all your clubs nicely on the wall.

Adding a golf club rack is a small accent that goes a long way when designing your perfect golf simulator room. Let’s have a look at both store-bought-ready racks and homemade DIY solutions, to find the best golf club rack for your golf simulator room.

Best Golf Club Rack: Jintech Golf Club Rack

Jintech Golf Club Rack For Simulator

A good golf club rack for your golf simulator room should be simple and have a clean design. The goal is to eliminate clutter and create space, so anything too bulky defeats the purpose, this is why I love the Jintech Golf Club Rack. It is the golf rack that I own, and I have been very happy with it.

The Jintech Golf Club Rack is a sleek simple design that measures 36 inches and is made of a strong aluminum alloy. It can fit up to 16 clubs, allowing you to fit your full bag, as well as a couple of additional clubs you might be testing out.

The individual club holders are designed specially for golf clubs and are made to not scratch the golf club shaft. What is great is that you can space out the holders to any distance. This is beneficial as some clubs like your driver are going to need more space, while your irons will need less, and the rack can be set up accordingly. 

Jintech Golf Club Rack For Simulator 2

My favorite feature on this rack, and what I feel sets it apart from other racks on the market is that it can be set up with the club heads facing up or down. Jintech offers three different designs, club head up, grips up, or a mix of both.

I personally opted for the club head up, as it allows you to quickly see the number on the irons, and you are not guessing if you are grabbing a 7 or 8 iron. In my opinion not being able to see the number on the iron, would defeat the purpose of having them organized, but that is just my humble opinion. Ultimately I am happy that this company has given the consumer the choice to have them displayed as they wish.

Do It Yourself Golf Club Rack

Do It Yourself Golf Club Rack

A do-it-yourself solution will offer you more flexibility in the design, and look of your golf club rack, but will also require some handy skills.

Most do-it-yourself club racks will require some spare wood you will have lying around. A basic design would have a piece of wood cut to a similar length to the store-bought rack at a length of around 3 feet (36 inches) and a height of 1 to 2 inches. You can opt for a higher height if you want a rack to look more visible on the wall. You will then need to purchase the clips to hold the clubs. Jintech offers only the clips for under 15$, and they come again in a club head-up or grip-up design.

I really like the design in the YouTube video above from Roxor Golf. He cleverly took an old palette cut it to size painted it, and then flipped it to attach it to the wall. He drilled little recess holes in the base of the rack to hold the clubs in place better. A simple but effective touch. He then used pool cue clips as his club holder, and I think those work well, but I can’t speak on how well they hold or, if they cause any scratching. You can opt for the Jintech Clips they would work as well. With basic handy skills, you can recreate this rack on your own for $20 to 25 dollars.


A golf club rack is a great investment for your golf simulator room. It is a cheap purchase, that elevates the room to look professional. Whether you opt for the easy out-of-the-box rack, or build your own it can be done for a low cost. I purchased one, and have not regretted it. It makes grabbing my club easy and seamless, and it always draws praise from friends when they see how functional it is. If you are considering one, don’t hesitate it is a great and worthwhile addition to your golf simulator room.

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