Golf Simulator Flooring

Golf Simulator Flooring – How To Easily Add The Finishing Touch

Golf simulator flooring takes your golf simulator room to the next level. It creates a polished, finished look that takes your golf simulator setup from amateur to professional. 

The beauty of building golf simulator flooring for your room is that it can be accomplished in many ways. Let’s look at a few options so you can choose what is best for you.

Retail Golf Simulator Flooring

The easiest, but more expensive option when building your golf simulator room flooring is to buy something directly from a retailer. The options can be as simple as a landing turf under your impact screen, to a full golf simulator platform that will give your golf simulator room a very professional look. Let’s look at the options:

SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring

SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring

If you are looking for a complete solution SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring has you covered. The SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring is the premiere retail option for your golf simulator flooring setup. It offers the look of a professional custom setup, with the convenience of an extremely easy-to-assemble kit.

The base of the flooring is constructed with very sturdy 2-inch thick interlocking panels. These panels are numbered, which makes assembly a breeze. Once the base is complete it is covered with a ⅜ inch putting turf.

The SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring comes in 3 different sizes built to fit their 3 different enclosures (SIG8, SIG10, and SIG10). All 3 options are 15.6 feet in depth, and the width varies with the different options the SIG8 comes in as the smallest at 9.8 feet in width, and the SIG12 is the biggest at 13.6 feet. 

One of the main benefits of the SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring is you won’t be required to buy a golf hitting mat, as there is a hitting strip built in directly to the assembled base. It is also just not any hitting strip but the award-winning SIGPRO Softy Hitting Strip. The official hitting mat used by My Golf Spy for all their testing was voted as the best hitting strip for impact prevention. If you have tendonitis, or your joints are prone to shock from impact, this is a perfect hitting strip for you. The dense plush synthetic grass, also accepts real tees, to create a realistic hitting environment.

SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring

What sets the SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring apart is the built-in putting cups. The kit comes with 4 putting cups to allow you to putt from different areas of the platform, at varying distances. The putting surface runs a pure 9 to 10 on the stimpmeter to create a realistic putting environment. With the height of the flooring, the cups will have a depth of 2.5 inches allowing you to create that beautiful sound when the ball hits the bottom of the cup. While some golf simulator floors have you only hitting your longer clubs, the SIGPRO will ensure your putting is practiced and improved. 

The SIGPRO Golf Simulator Flooring will have you covered completely with no need for a hitting mat to be purchased and offers an authentic putting experience with real cups. The simplicity of assembly, combined with the sleek look of a professional custom job makes the SIGPRO the standout option for retail golf simulator flooring.

SwingTurf Landing Pad

Golf Simulator Flooring - SwingTurf Landing Pad

If you are just looking for turf at the base of your enclosure then consider the SwingTurf Landing Pad. The artificial turf protects balls from denting or damaging your floors and provides a soft landing spot for your balls after hitting the impact screen. 

The SwingTurf Landing Pad is currency offered in two sizes, 5×8 and 5×12 feet. The 12-foot landing pad works well with most standard enclosures ranging from 10 to 12 feet wide. The 8-foot landing pad will only work for small enclosures or golf net setups. 

A Landing Pad and a standard 5×5 golf hitting mat will have your ball about 7-8 feet from the impact screen. If you are looking to have some more distance between the screen and the hitting area a second turf can be added. This will allow you to create 10-12 feet between the ball and the impact screen which some launch monitors recommend.

DIY Golf Simulator Flooring

DIY Golf Simulator Flooring

The most common build for DIY golf simulator flooring starts with interlocking EVA foam gym mats. These mats range from ½ to a full inch and make the perfect base for golf simulator flooring. They are dense enough to protect your floor from the golf balls and provide cushion making the surface very comfortable. The beauty of gym mats is two-fold, they are inexpensive, and they are extremely easy to install even for people with zero handy skills. 

Once you have laid down the gym mats as the base you will want to cover that area with artificial turf. Again for this, there are many viable options. You can get basic putting green turf from Amazon, or head to your local hardware store and pick up some Grizzly Grass by the square foot. You can get the Grizzly Grass for between .75 to 1.00 a square foot. Allowing you to cover a 12×16 foot space for under 200$. 

Golf Simulator Flooring

To install your turf of choice just lay it over the gym mats, and cut it to size. I would purchase a basic turf cutter, if you don’t have one already to be able to cut off any excess turf cleanly. I would then add carpet tape to the corners to ensure the turf stays in place and doesn’t shift or move.

If you are planning to putt on the golf simulator flooring, the Grizzly Grass, won’t run as pure as a putting turf so keep that in mind, but it still can do an adequate job as a putting surface. If you are looking for a premium putting turf the Grasstex Money Putt Turf is highly regarded.

Golf Simulator Flooring Putting Cups

For putting cups there are multiple options, so pick what is best for you. If you just want a visual reference point that sits directly on your turf have a look at the Mazel Golf Putting Ring.

If you are looking to have an actual cup where the bull can drop in, there are two options. You can cut a hole into your flooring, and place a shallow cup, or have the cup push down directly into your turf. In this case One Stop Sim Shop has you covered for both options with cup sizes starting from 1.125 inches up to 4 inches.

If you need an extremely shallow cup have a look at Birdie Ball as their classic design is only a ½ inch deep.

The last element will be where you place your hitting mat. Even with an ultra-budget setup you don’t want to be hitting the ball off artificial turf, invest in a quality hitting strip, and your joints will thank you. If you have limited handy skills a hitting mat can be placed behind, or on top of the base flooring. If choosing this route, ensure to have a hitting mat big enough that you can stand on it. You do not want to be standing on your base golf simulator flooring with a hitting strip above your feet.

If you are looking for a cleaner more professional look you will want to recess the hitting mat into your base and build the golf simulator flooring around the hitting mat. For more details on how this is achieved read the next section.

How To Get Golf Simulator Flooring To Be Level With Your Hitting Mat

This is an important aspect of having a clean-looking golf simulator floor. You will want to have your chosen hitting mat be about the same height as your surrounding golf simulator flooring. This will allow your hitting mat to sit flush with the golf simulator flooring. Hitting mats will vary in height, so first determine exactly how high your golf mat sits, and what height you need to build the golf simulator flooring.

The video above illustrates how this is done perfectly. The user starts his build with a 4×9 Carl’s Place Hotshot Hitting Mat, which sits at a height of around 1 ¾ inches. This gave him the target height on how high he needed to build his surrounding flooring. 

He starts with a base of 19/32 OSB Plywood, and layers on top of that  ½ inch EVA interlocking gym mats. He finishes off the golf simulator flooring with Elite Factory Direct Putting Turf, which has its own height. With these three components stacked on top of each other, he got to his desired height of 1 ¾ inches making his flooring perfectly flush with the hitting mat. 

Golf Simulator Recess Hitting Mat

Once you know how high your flooring needs to be start by placing your hitting mat or strip where you want it in the room, and start to build the floor around it. It is recommended to outline where the hitting mat will be placed, and then remove it and build around the outline, it will make the process easier. 

I would highly recommend watching the above video where he goes into more detail. You will see visually exactly the technique in action, and the step by step process he took to get the mat to sit flush with his flooring.

If you are starting your golf simulator build, and have not yet purchased a hitting mat, I would recommend Carl’s Hotshot Hitting Mat which was featured in this video. I did a full review on it here, outlining why I think it is the best budget-hitting mat on the market. From there you can replicate the exact technique shown by Goin’ Fore It.


From retail options to do-it-yourself builds there are many different ways to build golf simulator flooring. Depending on budget, and handy skills one option may be better than the other, but the beauty is that there is a lot of flexibility in your choice. 

I hope my review of different flooring options has offered some clarity on what build will work best for your golf simulator flooring. There is no perfect setup, just what is best for you. Assess the variables that you are working with and find what is best for your personal needs. Good Luck 🍀

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