Golf Simulator Financing

Golf Simulator Financing – A Plan To Your Dreams

A golf simulator financing plan is a great way to make your golf simulator dreams a reality. The hardest thing about buying a golf simulator is finding the immediate funds to pay for it.

Monthly bills, mortgages, insurance, and the needs of our children, are all priorities that come before our dream of building a home golf simulator. Golf simulators are not cheap, the majority of us do not have the available funds to drop 5,000 to 25,000 dollars on a new golf simulator in one lump sum payment when life around us is eating up available luxury money. This is where financing a golf simulator becomes a very viable solution.

Many major golf simulator companies now offer direct financing options on their website, making buying a golf simulator with a financing plan easier than ever. Let’s look at the players involved, and the benefits of a golf simulator financing plan.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor. I am simply a fellow golf simulator owner who is collecting golf simulator financing plan data from various sources on the web, and offering a humble opinion on how it can help others.

Bread Financial – The Company Behind Golf Simulator Financing Plans

Bread Financial - Golf Simulator Financing

Major Golf Simulator retailers such as Rain or Shine Golf, Carl’s Place, and Indoor Golf Shop, are all backed by the same company, Bread Financial. The plans at each of these retailers are the same as they are backed by the same company, so let’s learn more about who Bread Financial is.

Bread Financial, formerly known as Alliance Data, is a tech-forward financial services company that offers simple, personalized payment, lending, and saving solutions. The company provides a range of products including direct-to-consumer credit cards, deposits, private label and co-brand credit cards, installment loans, and buy now, pay later (BNPL) options. Bread Financial emphasizes choice, ease, and trust in its offerings to empower consumers to manage their finances effectively.

Basic Terms of Golf Simulator Financing

Golf Simulator Financing - 0% APR

The basic terms of a golf simulator financing plan is 0% APR for up to 12 months. Your rate beyond that will depend on your own personal credit check with Bread Financial. Your rate can be checked quickly directly on Rain or Shine Golf and Indoor Golf Shop without leaving their site. I found that these two sites made checking your golf simulator financing rate the easiest. 

The 0% APR helps you tackle paying for a golf simulator in that first year without interest. For around 400$ a month, you can have a 5,000 dollar golf simulator paid off in a year. I recognize that this is not feasible for everyone so I would check the above links to quickly check what rate you can obtain for financing your golf simulator.

With golf simulator retailers all having the same financier choosing which company to finance your golf simulator should come down to a personal preference, and which provides you with the best customer support. 

Benefits of Golf Simulator Financing Plan

The main and biggest benefit of financing your golf simulator is immediate ownership. With a golf simulator financing plan you do not have to wait, months or years to own your golf simulator you can have it today.

You don’t need to pay the full amount immediately to start your golf simulator journey. The golf simulator finance plan allows you to strategically map out your payment of the golf simulator package over time. This allows you to navigate and spread out the amount owed. 

The reality is that very few of us have the savings to pay for the full price of a golf simulator in one lump sum. The route most choose is to put the amount on a credit card, and gradually pay it off. With credit cards, you are burdened with high interest rates, which adds to the total bottom line of what it costs to own a golf simulator. With a golf simulator financing plan, you get 0% APR for that first year and then a lower interest rate than credit cards can offer.

Golf simulator financing is an option that most consumers don’t consider, but it is the best way forward when choosing to purchase a golf simulator on credit.

Creating a Golf Simulator Budget – Stay Within Your Means

Golf Simulator Budget

All golf simulator financing plans should start with creating a firm budget. Knowing how much you can afford to spend helps in many ways. It gives you a guideline on what you can afford to buy, but more importantly, it shapes how you can absorb paying for the golf simulator.

In shopping for a golf simulator, it is so easy to fall into the trap of spending freely. There is always an upgrade available to your current build. There is always the temptation of “Oh but for a few hundred more I can get X”, doing that a couple of times seems harmless but it adds up quickly when considering all the things you need to put together a golf simulator room. That financial burden doesn’t hit us right away with the initial excitement of becoming a golf simulator owner, but you can’t outrun the decisions you make at the start of the journey, and if you they aren’t properly planned they can cripple us financially.

Here are the key questions I asked myself when creating my golf simulator budget.

  1. How Much Can I Spend?: I was sure to phrase that question to myself in that manner. Too often we ask the question “How much am I willing to spend”. The reality is to any golf enthusiast the answer to that question is always going to be higher than what we realistically can afford. So don’t be tempted to create a larger budget than you can afford.
  2. How Much Is Available To Me Today?: How much savings do I have?, but more importantly how much of it can I put towards a golf simulator today? Is that savings already earmarked for something else? Never start your golf simulator journey by dipping into savings that are already planned for other expenses.
  3. How Much Can I Allocate To Monthly Payments?: Once I established the balance I had left to pay I needed to determine how much of my total family income I could allocate to this luxury purchase on a monthly basis. This combined with your answer to question 2, should help you determine the term of your golf simulator financing plan.
  4. How Long Do I Want To Take To Pay It Off?: Once I established through questions 2 and 3 how long it would take me to pay off a golf simulator I asked myself if this was longer than I wanted. Ideally, you would like to pay it off as quickly as possible before the interest rates start to kick in. If the term of your budget is longer than you desire, then start over at question 1, because you have likely bit off more than you can chew with your budget.

Don’t worry you will likely have to revise and tweak your golf simulator budget numerous times before you get it right. Don’t be frustrated if you have to constantly fix, and adjust it, it’s part of the process.

Another trap to be cautious of is upgrading before you have paid off the initial investment. The reality is a month into being a golf simulator owner you are already going to be thinking about how you can upgrade. It is the nature of it, we are always wanting to make our build better, and our ideas will outrace our plan. I made the firm rule to pay off my initial purchase, before ever purchasing or thinking about upgrading. If you don’t stick to the plan and budget you make it becomes a waste. It is not easy to stick to the roadmap you create at the beginning, but you have to stay vigilant.


A golf simulator financing plan is an excellent way to help us pay for a new golf simulator. With many of the major golf simulator retailers now offering financing on their websites with a 0% APR it offers an excellent alternative to credit cards

Creating a budget, and mapping out your financing plan is not the most exciting part of becoming a golf simulator owner, but it is an absolutely crucial process in ensuring your simulator purchase becomes a dream and not a nightmare.

I hope a little insight into my journey, helps you map out your golf simulator financing plans. Today is the perfect day to start planning to make your golf simulator dreams a reality!

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