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What Is a Fiberbuilt Golf Mat? – How Is It Different From Others

If you have been shopping for a new golf mat you have likely heard about Fiberbuilt golf mats, but what is it exactly? What is this new technology, and how does it differ from other golf mats on the market? Is it better? who is it designed for, and is it the right golf mat for you? Keep reading, and we will address all those questions.

What Is a Fiberbuilt Golf Mat?

Fiberbuilt is a company that specializes in providing premium artificial hitting surfaces for golfers. The company was founded in 1995 by George B. Smith, a golf enthusiast from Calgary, Canada. The company’s first golf mat was developed using a proprietary bristle technology that was designed to hold the ball well above the base with the idea that players would be able to hit down and through like real grass. This hitting surface technology ultimately evolved into Fiberbuilt Grass hitting strips.

Real Grass Performance

One of the standout features of the Fiberbuilt golf mat is its ability to mimic the performance of real grass. The Fiberbuilt golf mat is built with a unique blend of materials that have been specifically designed to replicate the feel and performance of real grass. This patented design ensures that golfers can practice their swings with confidence, knowing that they are getting the most realistic experience possible.

Unlike natural grass, Fiberbuilt golf mats are not affected by weather conditions. They can be used both indoors and out, and are resistant to wear and tear caused by rain, sun, or extreme temperatures.

Injury Prevention with “Turf Shock” Absorption

Fiberbuilt golf mats are designed with injury prevention in mind.  Other turf mats have users suffering from “turf shock” adding pain to the arm, wrist, elbow, and shoulders when striking the ground. The technology used in Fiberbuilt mats has been proven to reduce injuries by providing a surface that allows golfers to swing down, and through the ball giving the truest feel of the fairway.

The low-friction fibers also avoid grabbing or twisting the club on iron swings, while allowing fairway woods and hybrids to sweep through the grass for pure ball contact, yielding accurate launch angles and ball spin with no club head bounce.

If you have any joint pains or ailments the Fiberbuilt golf mat is designed for you. It is the leader in the industry to prevent injuries.

Fixed Base for Stability

Stability is essential when practicing golf swings, and the Fiberbuilt Golf Mat delivers. The base of the mat is constructed with a dense heavy rubber frame that provides improved stability, ensuring that the mat stays in place even during aggressive swings. This design allows for years of use, providing a reliable surface for practice and training.

The 300,000 Shot Guarantee

The Fiberbuilt Golf Mat is built to last, with a 300,000 shot guarantee. This means that golfers can practice their swings over and over again without worrying about the mat wearing out. The mats are made from a special blend of monofilaments engineered for strength and durability and have been tested to withstand over 300,000 swings before beginning to show wear, which is significantly more durable than conventional turf mats.

Exploring The Two Models: Fiberbuilt Grass vs. Fiberbuilt Player Preferred

Fiberbuilt Grass

Fiberbuilt Grass

The Fiberbuilt Grass model is a high-quality and durable synthetic grass golf mat that provides a realistic hitting surface for golfers. It is designed to mimic the performance of real grass and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Fiberbuilt Player Preferred

Fiberbuilt Player Preferred

Fiberbuilt Player Preferred model is specifically designed for golfers who are looking for a premium experience. It features the same synthetic grass hitting surface but comes with additional features such as the “Pure Impact Turf” for enhanced vibration absorption and a more comfortable swing.

Fiberbuilt Golf Mats – A Comparison with Other Golf Mats

Fiberbuilt vs SwingTurf

SwingTurf golf mats was voted the best golf mat under $1000 by My Golf Spy , and is one the premiere golf mats. It has a soft 1″ thick grass fiber material very much like Fiberbuilt golf mats allowing your club to glide through the ball. The mat offers minimal bounce giving golfers a realistic hitting experience. The base is stable and sturdy so that the mat stays in place through contact. It can accept real tees into the grass, making the mat very versatile. The combination of the real feel grass, the soft forgiveness, and the high-quality materials make the SwingTurf golf mat one of the best on the market.

For golfers looking to have the fiber grass technology offered by Fiberglass golf mats at a more affordable price point, SwingTurf is an excellent option.

Fiberbuilt vs Truestrike

Truestrike features a silicone gel to provide softness through impact. This technology has had mixed reviews from users with many claiming it does not offer the softness through impact that it boasts. The gel surface offers more of a plastic feel, that is not as responsible, and true to feel as some of the major competitors on the market such as Fiberbuilt golf mats. Another complaint on Truestrike is that the assembly can be complicated, and not the most straightforward assembly process.

Fiberbuilt vs Country Club Elite

The Country Club Elite by Real Feel features unique “spring-set” grass-like fibers that simulate the feeling of taking a divot. The mat has been described to be more on the firm side than some of the more premium golf mats, but at half the price of those options it remains a popular option with consumers. It is made from quality material and is a fantastic choice for those looking for a budget-quality golf mat.

The Fiberbuilt golf mat is a better overall choice, but if price is a strong consideration, then the Country Club Elite has it beat in this category.

Fiberbuilt vs Holy Grail

The Holy Grail golf mat by Gungho Golf was voted as the best golf mat under 750$ by My Golf Spy. It is a high-quality golf mat that offers a nice balance of a realistic feel, while still being gentle on joints.

A great feature of this mat in relation to Fiberbuilt is that the hitting strip is the exact dimensions of the FIberbuilt golf mats, making it a great option as a replacement or an alternative to the Fiberbuilt surface.

On the negative side, the mat has been prone to wobbling and is not the most stable golf mat. There have been some reviews that have claimed that the mat causes some misreads with the driver. The other issue concerns the fact you can’t only use cone golf tees, if using real tees is important you want to consider a different mat.

Fiberbuilt vs Carl’s Hot Shot

Carl’s Hot Shot golf mat is another excellent option in the mid-range price tier. The golf mat is a high-quality 3-level design with a top level of turf, The three levels consist of a top layer of putting turf, a middle layer of polycarbonate for simulating divots, and a bottom layer with foam strips for impact absorption.

While it can be used as a Fiberbuilt golf mat replacement, the hitting strip may not fit perfectly in all situations, leaving a gap or mismatch in size.

Fiberbuilt vs Sigpro Softy

The SigPro Softy hitting strip offers a unique design with a one-inch Turf on top, super spongy foam, and a thin, hard plastic layer at the bottom with holes for air escape. The mat is a great blend of a solid surface with longer turf, providing a soft fairway feel and preventing the club from grabbing on the surface. The SigPro Softy is available in different sizes, and the pricing, while relatively high, is in line with other high-end golf mats like the SwingTurf, and Fiberbuilt golf mats.

A major complaint is the height of the mat, at two and a half inches, it may be a concern for those looking for a seamless fit with one-inch flooring materials. To do so requires it requires some additional effort to build up the area around the hitting strip.


Fiberbuilt golf mats offer a unique technology advancement in the golf mat market. Many golf mats deliver a high-quality soft mat, but Fiberbuilt has shown to be a leader in golf mats targeted to golfers with an existing joint injury or looking to prevent one. If you have an injury or have surfed “turf shock” with your existing turf mat, this is the golf mat you need. 

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